Hareer organizes the painting of hope on the occasion of declaring Irbid the Capital of Arab Culture

Under the auspices of the Mayor of Greater Municipality, on the occasion of declaring Irbid the capital of Arab culture, the non-profit Hareer Foundation for Community Development organized a silk exhibition under the name (Painting of Hope), which is a special exhibition for children with cancer and the local community. The process of community development, raising the level of awareness, and increasing activities to spread awareness and root the culture of excellence and creativity. The municipality, through the meeting of the Hareer Initiative with the mayor of Greater Irbid, will provide all support to this institution for its humanitarian work. For his part, Mr. Nihad al-Dabbas, founder of Hareer for Community Development, gave thanks and appreciation To the Greater Irbid Municipality, represented by its president, Dr. Eng. Nabil Al-Kofhi, and all the workers and volunteers who contributed to the success of the exhibition and its special event in Irbid, the capital of Arab culture, wishing for more fruitful and constructive cooperation in service of our beloved country and embodying the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him, with constant interest in the youth sectors future generations,
Al-Dabbas confirmed that the Silk Foundation is aiming to establish a silk workshop in Irbid governorate, which collects women’s hair that is donated by women to make a hair bundle and give it to children with cancer.
Al-Dabbas indicated that there is a relationship between volunteering and happiness.
One of the great opportunities to teach kids life skills away from school; Because its benefit is not only for the community, but for the volunteer children as well, in addition to expanding the social circle of the volunteer.
The child Farah talked about her experience with the cancer exhibition, where she said that she discovered the disease at the age of 8 years, and the onset of the disease was very difficult and she suffers from pain. Al-Surour thanked Farah Hareer Foundation for this initiative and sent a message to children with cancer to live with this disease without fear of it and to be strong to recover from it.

After that, the participants and the audience toured the painting of hope exhibition, which was painted by children with cancer, people with disabilities, orphans and less fortunate, expressing their happiness with what they saw of purposeful paintings, success stories and creativity expressing hope for a better future for future generations.

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