Hope board in Aqaba

With the spontaneity and innocence of childhood and the suffering of disease, the Ayla Oasis in Aqaba was decorated yesterday, Saturday, with a “painting of hope”, which included the most simulated drawings of humanity, in a step to draw the attention of its visitors, including children with cancer, because their artistic paintings embody issues of humanity, issues of childhood, health, treatment and the environment, as well as Landscape and historical.
The celebration, which was held in conjunction with the International Children’s Day, was inaugurated and under the auspices of Her Highness Princess Rajwa bint Ali bin Nayef, organized by the Hareer Initiative for Community Development and in cooperation with the Ayla Oasis for Development in Aqaba, with an official, popular and media presence.
Nihad Al-Dabbas, the founder of Hareer Al-Riyadia for Community Development, said in a statement to the Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the painting of hope is not just random drawings or lines drawn by skinny hands exhausted by disease, but rather a message from childhood deprived of the pleasure of health to tell others that we are here to share life with you.
He stressed that Ayla’s support and incubation of the “Painting of Hope” activities came to fulfill the dream of the child Farah, who has cancer, by drawing on the beaches of Ayla in Aqaba, in participation with a group of other children with cancer, orphaned children from the Children’s Villages Association in Aqaba, and children with special needs and school and university children for a larger drawing. Childish painting with their fingers, with an area of 225 square metres.
He pointed out that the aim of these drawings is to strengthen the psyche of children with cancer and support them to defeat the disease, stressing that the children came from Amman and other governorates to spread hope in Aqaba through their drawings, which met with a “painting of hope.”
He hoped that the Ayla Oasis would be an incubator for Hareer’s future activities and events, calling on the local community in Aqaba and other governorates of the Kingdom to contribute to the purchase of paintings drawn by children, so that the proceeds go to cancer patients in a wig of hope that will restore their smile and enter their hearts with joy and hope for life.

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