About Us.

Who We Are

Hareer Hope Centre

Hareer Initiative for Children of Cancer Patients

Hareer Leading Organization for Social Development is a non-profit organization established in 2018. It is one of the human, social and national initiatives that aim to support children’s society in general and cancer patients, especially. Hareer’s main goal is to create a wig of hope out of donated natural hair from members of society. The wig is gifted free of charge to the cancer patients, in addition to providing emotional and psychological support to children with cancer and their families. Furthermore, Hareer is concerned with initiatives and activities that benefit all groups of children in society (cancer patients, orphans, refugees, children from refugee camps, children from Gaza, children with disabilities, and underprivileged children from villages and rural areas), as well as projects aimed at empowering women and youth. 

Our Mission & Vision.

What makes us different?

Our Vision

Hareer aims to be proactive in the exemplary initiatives list to provide free-of-charge psychological support and entertainment for cancer patients specifically, and for children’s society in general. It also intends to provide the wig of hope for free to as many children and women as possible who are suffering from hair loss because of cancer. Because the number of patients increases annually, Hareer aims to raise social awareness about cancer and find appropriate solutions to resist and overcome it, hoping to achieve this vision locally, regionally and globally throughout Hareer’s various villages and buildings by 2040. Moreover, Harrer focuses on bringing a positive effect to one thousand children a year.

Focus Areas

  • Providing children and women with free Hope Wigs.
  • Opening communication channels with patients to help merge them into society through different events, activities and initiatives.
  • Lending emotional and psychological support to ailing children and their families.
  • Securing the patient’s hair to make a wig out of it to restore its original state.
  • Contributing to the support and empowerment of women and youth and creating more job opportunities for them.
  • Improving community awareness about cancer.


  • Contributing positively to society through taking part in a noble cause that serves to spread benevolence and goodwill.
  • Effective and sustainable positive impact on society.
  • Instilling hope in patients.

Target Groups

Cancer patients, orphans, refugees, children from refugee camps, children from Gaza, children with disabilities and underprivileged children from villages and rural areas.

Child beneficiaries+15000
Family beneficiaries+5000
Wig donors+20000

Our Value

3 million+ children helped

25+ years of service

198 community centers

72 countries

A Message from the Executive Director Mr. Nihad Dabbas

Patients are in constant need of hope and people who provide strength and courage to stand in the face of illness. Mental health is essential to patients. They significantly depend on it for survival. We all need to unite in instilling hope and strength in the hearts of our loved ones fighting for survival. We should all encourage them to overcome pain and conquer the illness.

Honorary Partners

Former Prime Minister Faisal Alfayez