Hareer wig project ‘carries humanitarian message

The Parliament’s Women and Family Affairs Committee met with the non-profit organisation Hareer on Sunday to discuss the Hareer Hope Workshop project.

The project, which will specialise in making wigs from donated natural hair, aims to provide job opportunities for women and youth in remote areas outside Amman, according to the founder of Hareer Nihad Dabbas, who presented the committee with the project’s five-year plan.

The wigs will be sold in and outside the Kingdom to ensure sustainability and some will be donated to children suffering from cancer in Jordan, said Dabbas, noting that the making of one wig takes over a 100 days and costs over JD500. 

He also proposed utilising “the large number” of unused rooms in municipal buildings for the vocational and occupational training of locals towards their “employment and empowerment”.

“The project carries a humanitarian message to build a brighter future for children, women and youth,” he noted.

Dabbas also reviewed the organisation’s various projects and initiatives, which aim to provide cancer patients, especially children, with emotional support, facilitate their integration in society and build their confidence.

Lama Al Tamimi, a volunteer at Hareer, displayed samples of natural wigs made at the organisation’s workshop in Amman, explaining how they’re collected and made.

Head of the committee Abeer Al Jbour stressed the importance of such humanitarian initiatives that aim to leave a positive impact on the lives of children and empower women and youth.

Members of the committee Hadia Sarhan, Marwa Al Soub and Tamam Riyati also commended Hareer’s efforts, encouraging its collaboration with civil society institutions and stressing the importance of media outlets’ role in bringing such projects to light. 

After reviewing the study plan for the project, the committee will be presenting its recommendations to the government, according to Jbour

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