My health is a safety initiative campaign

Schools are an important part of the infrastructure of societies, and the stage of returning to school for children has always required special support from institutions and individuals in the local community, to provide more educational support to the largest group of our children and grandchildren in our beloved Jordan, to enable them and adapt them to return smoothly and flexibly for the school year 2020-2021 in the conditions of the Corona pandemic.

Therefore, based on the belief of the Hareer Organization for Community Development, the non-profit, in its societal role and the importance of that, and based on Hareer’s vision (together we can work and achieve a lot) and in coordination with the Hareer volunteer team and the balcony of creativity, it launched the (My Health is a Trust) initiative to achieve its values of credibility, giving and belonging
Mr. Nihad Al-Dabbas stressed the need for support from the segments of society, including companies, institutions and individuals, to be supportive of this cardboard box, which will give a great incentive to the psychological aspect, to help teachers and parents in the need of children themselves, and to be hand in hand and our achievements on the ground, and to publish and promote this campaign on all news sites And social networking sites to deliver this campaign to the largest number of society.
The “My Health is a Trust” initiative is one of Hareer’s awareness campaigns, which will start from the first of next month 2020, to educate children and support them psychologically and mentally, in addition to sound health awareness for more than 3,000 children in all governorates of Jordan, and the children of Palestine to adapt positively to the developments of returning to schools. In light of the Corona pandemic, coping with its repercussions, stimulating ideas and trends, and promoting awareness messages for the most prominent positive guidelines and behaviors, the target group will be children from 6-15 years old.
The Hareer product is a (carton box) that has been specially prepared and designed for children in proportion to their developmental characteristics. Inside the box there are simple tools such as sterilizers and a mask that contribute to maintaining health and safety, in addition to a set of activities that stimulate observation skills and promote positive thinking in an interactive and participatory way. And the love of coloring, and the fund will support sick children and children with cancer.
Hareer seeks, through local community institutions and individuals, to deliver the fund to the largest possible number of children throughout the beloved country, through all possible forms and forms of support, throughout the duration of the campaign, which will extend for a month from its start date on the first of next month 2020.
The Hareer initiative (My Health is Safe) comes as a proactive preventive plan that supports the promotion of health security, mental, emotional and social health of the child, and prepares children for a safe return to school.
With your support, the fund will be distributed free of charge to sick children, cancer patients, and children from remote villages
The Hareer Organization thanks everyone who contributed and supported the campaign, including institutions, individuals, radio, television, and social media

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