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Wig of Hope

  • 100% natural hair wig
  • They are made from the patient’s hair before treatment
  • It is a donation of natural hair by the community, and it is provided free of charge to patients
     who are unable to purchase it

donating and presenting of hair to patients who suffer from the hair loss, is considered of great positive impact on the patients where that might contribute to keeping up their former shape, and protect them from becoming estranged due to external changes that occur to them which deprive them of self-confidence and destroy their mental health, and cause them to lose their power and desire to challenge the disease and get over it, and could lead to enhanced life quality considerably, mentally and socially,  .

Loss of patients hair is considered among the most external and formal changes that affects the patients, leading to significant change in their form, and thus the patients start to become isolated from their family and friends and the world surrounding them; so the child patient would become scared of bullying, and woman would become frustrated due to change in her shape and beauty, and thus, the patients become isolated, alone, lacking self-confidence, power and desire to stand up to the disease, which would lead to negative mental, unhealthy condition and that could reflect on his bodily health and the ability of the body to resist and cope with the disease; giving way ultimately to deteriorated health, exacerbated and compounded illness.

Hareer Tech

A childish project that aims to introduce children to digital technology and how to use and activate it in practical life, to keep pace with technological development, develop their creative thinking capabilities, and provide them with the courage to launch into society and employ it in their lives in a positive way. Children have a right to us, and they always need us to guide and teach them, to develop and develop their thinking and creative abilities that they need for this innovative era.
The Harir Tech project, consisting of several stages, seeks to reach the largest possible segment of children from all groups and all the less fortunate governorates and regions in the Kingdom, including healthy children, orphaned children, children with special needs, children with cancer, deaf and mute children, refugees, and camp residents, to educate and guide them. The Harir Tech project also seeks to create creative applications through these children, which aim to create unique innovative solutions resulting from the problems they face, which will help children of all groups to integrate into society with the help of technology and make it a safe environment for stability and presence in it.

My health is a trust

With the spread and increase of diseases in our current time, we must protect our children and educate them on how to protect themselves to avoid infectious diseases, so we designed a cardboard box for children that contains children’s health care supplies that contain a sterilizer, a mask, drawing pamphlets, and stickers containing encouraging phrases. This idea came out of our belief in our responsibility to educate and educate our children about health.

From your goodness help others

It is a food basket that is distributed free of charge to the childlike community of children of our beloved Jordan, and it is distributed free of charge in hospitals and refugee camps, orphaned children, children of Gaza, children of martyrs of the homeland, the poor in various governorates, remote areas, and those in need.

Hope board

It is a humanitarian, therapeutic, psychological and educational initiative. It provides the opportunity for children to express themselves, their dreams, ideas, wishes, and project inner psychological repressions such as “feelings, fears, and attitudes.” Drawing is considered an expressive artwork done by the child. The child is aware of the memories, events, feelings and emotions inside him as the first step to identifying the child’s problems and their causes.Psychological analytical studies for children have proven that we can, through free drawing that the child does, reach the subconscious, identify its problems and what it suffers, as well as identify its tendencies, trends and extent His interest in certain topics in the environment in which he lives, and his relationship with others, whether in the family, friends, or adults. The “Paint of Hope” initiative will contribute to educating children and teaching them behaviors and life and environmental skills.
It will also develop the child’s thinking and expression abilities and will help develop children’s fine motor skills. Developing their creativity, getting rid of negative emotions, relaxing and relieving stress. And the integration of the different groups of society and equality between them and the conduct of educational drawing workshops on bullying and the challenge of disease, disability and mental health

Al-Amal Center for Training and Hair Recycling

A project that mainly aims to make a decent hair wig for cancer patients, employ and empower the less fortunate communities in Jordan, and support the national economy with a local alternative to more than two hundred thousand Jordanian dinars of imported hair annually. The center represents a unique opportunity that presents itself to Jordan to invest in the first major center specialized in recycling natural hair and training in the same field locally and for the entire region, to lead the market for products made from natural human hair, raise the status of this field, benefit from expertise, and allow this market to achieve ambitions Elevated by using local expertise and resources to create natural hair products for the local and international markets. This is what Al-Amal Center for Training and Hair Recycling is all about
The center targets dynamic and continuous challenges by applying creative and new ideas to create innovative and unique products. Al-Amal Center for Training and Hair Recycling is an advanced and new production line in Jordan that, along with its educational arm, offers a multi-level solution, through the use of waste hair, to weave natural wigs and hair extensions, and present it as an organic product to consumers and patients who have suffered from hair loss.
The training arm of the center will also allow many to acquire special skills, through courses and workshops, enabling them to participate in the production of local products for many users, by joining the center, or establishing their own businesses. By engaging them in the labor market, the center will creatively contribute to alleviating unemployment in disadvantaged communities, providing a decent product for hair loss patients, reducing hair imports, and increasing hair exports. It is a sustainable project that seeks to make our Jordan more productive.

Educational entertainment programs

Hareer presents annual programs aimed at entertaining children and delivering educational messages through activities, plays and childish initiatives.
It also mainly aims at integrating groups of infantile society, including cancer patients, people with special needs, orphans, children of Gaza, children of camps and refugees, and members of the local community.