Hareer initiative organises concert for underprivileged children

A concert for underprivileged children was organised by the Harir initiative in downtown Amman on Friday to “bring a smile to their faces”. 

“Humanity’s voice” event organisers created the event with the aim of spreading happiness and hope in the lives of children with difficult lives. 

According to event staff, the concert was also an effort to instil a sense of normalcy for the children by engaging them in social activities. The event was attended by 400-500 children. 

“Refugees, children diagnosed with cancer, children with disabilities and orphans deserve to feel and know that society as a whole cares for them,” Nehad Dabbas, founder of Hariri initiative told The Jordan Times. 

Dabbas believes in hope as a medicine, and thinks that music and entertainment can affect kids’ metal health and bring joy to their lives. 

“Kids’ smiles and laughter motivate me to further expand this humanitarian project, as the impact of these events can go beyond entertainment alone,” Dabbas added. 

Dabbas stated that the kids were “astonished and happy” to see a “real life” band perform at the event. The children also enjoyed a comedy show, a storyteller and the performance of an Armenian folklore dance. 

“The concert was for free. I wanted all the kids to have the opportunity to attend the event and leave with a wide smile on their faces,” Dabbas added. 

Dabbas added that part of the initiative aims at promoting medical tourism in Jordan.

He stated that the Harir initiative, in cooperation with Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, is carrying out marketing campaigns on social media to promote Jordan as a medical tourism destination.

“Jordan is one of the top regional destinations for medical tourism,” Dabbas added. 

Jordan’s strength lies in the high quality of the health care services, he said, which is “based on our highly qualified physicians, nurses, pharmacists and medical care centres”. More

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