A humanitarian initiative for cancer patients

The Harir Foundation launched the “My Hair for You” initiative to donate hair, in cooperation with hairinc salon and Sweifieh Village Complex.

The initiative aims to urge and encourage the community to donate a lock of their hair to cancer patients in order to contribute to the “Wig of Hope” and present it free of charge to them.

More than 50 male and female donors participated in the initiative, as each individual donated a lock of his hair to support cancer patients, and there were those who donated their entire hair in order to support the initiative and patients.

Harir confirmed that the “My Hair Is Yours” initiative will continue and will be in different places to encourage all members of society to contribute a lock of their hair, because each lock makes a difference.

Nour Al-Qaisi, one of the donors of part of her hair in this event, stated that she did not think of another option when she heard about this initiative, and she hastened to donate part of her hair out of love to support cancer patients.

And she stressed that this is a “humanitarian and duty” role that everyone should play to support this group that suffers from this bad disease, so that we can help save them.

Rola Elyan said: I donated my hair because I know the meaning of this disease and its psychological impact on the patient, especially since I tried that with my little sister.

And she continues, “When I heard the news of my sister’s illness, I collapsed and felt that the whole world had ended.” But loving people and standing beside them made them feel comfortable and reassured.

Elayan pointed out the importance of the youth’s role in promoting these initiatives, volunteering and participating so that they feel with patients and others.

For his part, Nihad al-Dabbas, founder of Harir, indicated in his interview with $ that the Harir initiative for development and community awareness contributes, through its activities, activities and awareness campaigns, to introducing joy and maximizing the humanitarian aspects by serving this segment, in addition to its impact on children and inculcating the love of volunteering so that they grow up as effective elements. in their community.

And he indicated that cancer patients need financial and psychological support at the same level so that they can complete the long treatment process in safety and stability.

Al-Dabbas pointed out the impact that this leaves on their souls when they see the society and its support for them, making them feel strong and hopeful.

Harir extended her thanks and gratitude to Hairinc Salon for the cooperation and participation in this initiative, and the Sweifieh Village Complex for receiving the My Hair for You initiative. She also thanked the work team, volunteers, donors, participants, organizers, media, and everyone who contributed to the success of this humanitarian work.

The “Harir Initiative” is one of the initiatives aimed at urging and motivating the community for humanitarian, voluntary and charitable work, delivering a community message, achieving interactive and creative activities, adding happiness and fun, raising awareness of counseling advice, and highlighting psychological and moral therapies for their role and great importance in raising immunity and resistance in cancer patients.

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