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Hareer Initiative for Children of Cancer Patients

The initiative started from the coincidence of the founder of Nihad Dabbas with a child suffering from cancer, the need to feel like the rest of the children with the presence of natural hair is what prompted Nihad Dabbas to initiate an initiative to involve the children of the community to donate their hair to make Boarek children who have cancer and who lost Part of their identity and their features by losing their natural hair as a result of treatment.

Vision of Hareer:
From the humanitarian motivation and the service of the community in various groups, the initiative looks Hareer to draw the smile on the faces of everyone and those who need to see a smile on their face did not take time to paint. The beginning was with the Hareer Initiative for the manufacture of barricades for children of cancer patients and future plans is the emergence of a number of community initiatives purely humanitarian goals away from trafficking in people and trading their sense. Therefore, the Hareer initiative will work alongside different groups such as orphans, the elderly and even the refugees, all that is needed. "It is not generous to give me what I need more than you, but generosity to give me what you need more than me." Gibran Khalil Gibran

From here the beginning to a great end.

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Nihad Dabbas
Nihad Dabbas
General Manager


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It is not generous to give me what I need more than you, but generosity to give me what you need more than me